15 Ideas to Store Fresh Produces for Longer Time Span Without Any Hassle

Keeping fruits and vegetables for you on hand, and also storing the fruits for others to take home later on, can be quite a challenge. You must keep all the stored produce you take into account whether or not they will be consumed in the week, as they would all have different storage requirements. Here are some ideas to help you better store your fresh produce.

The most important things that you must remember when storing your produce is that your fruit should be kept cool. If the food is left too long after being picked, the pulp will turn brown and the flavor will fade, leaving your produce with no true taste. By keeping the fruits cool, they will keep for a longer period of time, as well as retain their most nutrients. The vegetables must also be kept cool, as they can easily get mold and decay if they are exposed to the heat of the summer sun.

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Storage areas are a factor to consider, as you will want them to be as organized as possible and be able to hold whatever items you want to place there. Areas where you can make use of baskets are ideal. This way, you can stack your produce neatly. You can use both wooden and plastic baskets to store fresh fruits and vegetables. All of these containers will help you organize your produce, making it easier to find what you need at a moment’s notice.

Another tip when keeping fresh produce for other people to take home is to have a place set aside for washing all your vegetables. Do not keep anything left over in your refrigerator, but instead, separate it into various sections for each group of vegetables. Using paper bags will make it easier to clean.

Keeping your produce away from sunlight is another thing to think about. It is much better to keep fruits and vegetables in the shade, as well as to hide them by setting them under table legs, or other furniture. This will give your produce the opportunity to dry out without being exposed to the direct sunlight.

If you happen to have leftover vegetables, be sure to prepare a salad in the afternoon, or in the evening, so you do not have to store them as often. Using lettuce leaves, or even lettuce cut into pieces will make it easier to get fresh greens for your salads. If you store your lettuce in paper bags, they will make them last longer.

Although vegetables seem to be more perishable than fruits, you should know that you can prepare them in advance and store them for a few days. You can start putting them in an air tight container, to let them dry before putting them in the refrigerator. This will save you some time in the long run, as you can eat your veggies before they spoil.

When it comes to storage methods, there are many that are safe, as well as others that are not so good. If you follow these ideas to store fresh produce, you will be well on your way to making your produce last longer. Take the time to learn how to best store your fruits and vegetables for you and other people to enjoy.