16 DIY Trellis Ideas for Vegetables and Fruits for Functional and Better View

Your first instinct will be to ask “Why?” Why does this design not work? If you were designing a traditional vegetable or fruit garden, you would be looking for ways to widen the design to accommodate for a larger space, or widen the boundaries so that you can cut down on yard time. And if you were planning a “beehive” style garden, you would be working to add more flowers and animals. When you look at a boring old design, you are left with the option of redesigning your garden or trying to find some other way to make it look different from everyone else’s garden.

It is this constant searching for better designs that makes us humans human. It is the constant ability to think “outside the box” that ultimately gives us the ability to innovate. In a world where conformity is often sought, it is human nature to seek creativity.

  1. Growing Hops Against a Wall Just with Some Strong Ropes
  2. Image via: www.dohiy.com

  3. Build a Simple Garden Trellis All You Need Are a Few Bamboo Sticks or Tree Branches and Some Twine
  4. Image via: gardentherapy.ca

  5. Lattice Fence Panel Can Be Great Garden Trellis on the Corner of a Deck or Patio
  6. A Row of Vertical Wicker Garden Trellis
  7. Using Bamboo to Build a Garden Trellis Against the Wall
  8. Image via: pinterest.com

  9. Tall Wire Fencing Is Perfect for Growing a Potato Tower
  10. You Can Grow Over Lbs of Tomatoes in Just Square Feet by Using This Homemade Tomato Trellis
  11. Trellis Raised Garden Box Combo
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  13. Double Your Gardening Space with a Vine Ramp Grow Your Vining Vegetable on Top and Your Shade Lovin's Lettuces Underneath
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  15. Sturdy a Frame Trellis Panels That Can Be Folded Up When Not in Use
  16. Pick Up a Screen Door and Make a Cool Trellis Like This
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  18. Build a Gourd Tunnel to Add Much Charm to a Garden
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  20. Build a Bean Teepee for All Vining Vegetables and It Is a Delightful Retreat for All Ages as Well
  21. Pallets Can Be Easily Made into Garden Trellis
  22. Make a Rim Trellis for Your Garden with a Couple of Bike Rims
  23. Dress Up Your Garden with a Free Standing Wooden Garden Trellis Planter
  24. Image via: www.flickr.com

Design is all about breaking down the barriers of everyday life and creating something new. As soon as we get a handle on how to do that, we then have the ability to design all sorts of things. After all, what was a hamster before is a mouse. No matter how complicated or simple, a creative mind has the potential to create something entirely new.

Design is not limited to building a structure; it can also be the process by which you create your new garden. Do you want to try to design a structure? Or perhaps, if you are already successful with a design, you may want to reframe the design to something entirely new. In other words, have a think about how you can change the design to reflect something entirely new.

This is where the creative process comes into play. Instead of thinking in terms of creating a new design, you should be thinking in terms of changing existing designs. This is a process of viewing the design from a different perspective, and this is precisely why designing your own backyard gardens has become so much easier today than it used to be.

Backyard gardens are not just a waste of space; they are an opportunity to create a garden that gives you an artistic outlet for all the creativity within you. So instead of settling for boring garden designs, you should explore the possibility of coming up with a more interesting design. Do not forget that your garden design is only limited by your imagination.