22 Cool Craft for Kid Ideas They Can Enjoy

There are many fun and easy to make crafts for kids that they can enjoy. This includes the great and fun sewing, stamping, cutting out or coloring of butterflies. In this article we will discuss some easy crafts for kids that will bring smiles to their faces.

One of the cool crafts for kids that is always a great favorite is the creation of a butterfly. All you need is fabric, glue, scissors, rubber cement and a craft book. All you need to do is buy the book at your local library or home improvement store.

  1. Ribbon Bookmark for Book
  2. Calendar with Just Their Hands and Some Paint
  3. Science Experiment Ivory Soap Cloud
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  5. The Easy Balloon Rocket
  6. Drawing Firework Using Glue
  7. Bowls Out of Perler Beads
  8. Painting on Wet Glue
  9. Turn Pasta into Stained Glass
  10. DIY T-Shirt Printing Using Crayon
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  12. Mini Marshmallow or Pom Pom Shooters
  13. Styrofoam to Make Little One's Stamps
  14. Plastic Easter Eggs and The Magic Fireflies
  15. I Spy Bottle to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Travel
  16. Learn to Draw Animals with Letters and Numbers
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  18. Slime Moving from the Pull of a Magnet
  19. Marble Maze Made Out of a Cardboard Box and Some Straws
  20. Incredible Lava Lamp
  21. Study Basic Math Concepts Using Lego Toys
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  23. Pre Drawn Heads to Create Fun Art Face
  24. Experience the Basic Concept of Weaving
  25. Leakproof Bag Experiment
  26. Expand on an Image Cut Out from a Newspaper or Magazine

Another fun butterfly creation is the creation of a baby caterpillar. All you need is baby food, medicine dropper, an X-Acto knife, glue and scissors. All you will have to do is cut the baby caterpillar to the size of the piece of fabric that you will be using. You can also use black markers to color the edges of the caterpillar.

Another cool craft for kids is a rock-paper-scissors version of a Christmas tree. All you will need is construction paper, paper plates and Styrofoam balls. All you need to do is cover the Styrofoam balls with construction paper and a little food coloring.

Another cool way to create your own stamps is to fold a piece of butcher paper in half and cover it with stamps on both sides. To make this really fun you can also add embellishments. You can add colorful ribbon or buttons to create that wonderful look.

You may be familiar with this cool craft for kids as the exercise ball. All you will need is construction paper, Velcro, ball point pens and craft glue. All you will have to do is to attach the Velcro to the Velcro bands on the ball point pens.

The last cool craft for kids is the painting of butterflies. All you will need is acrylic paint, food coloring and graphite. All you will have to do is to apply the paint to the outside of the paper and then place the paper over the area that you would like to have a colored print on.

These are just a few cool projects for kids that can be enjoyed. They will provide hours of fun for the entire family.