29 Awesome DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Their Family and Friends

When Christmas comes, a lot of people often have a difficult time choosing the perfect DIY Christmas gifts for their family and friends. I’ve often thought that we as a country could benefit from the simplicity of gift giving. What if the gift giving was simply about selecting the most creative gift idea available? Here are some awesome ideas that could be implemented in your own home.

When dad was a kid, he’d do his own laundry so that he wouldn’t have to spend an hour in the dryer. After all, how many times did he come home from work and find his clothes wrinkled, water stained, or stained with the floor cleaner on the floor? That’s a real hassle when you have so many other chores to deal with, let alone laundry! How many of us could name a couple dozen ideas that he could have tried? So, he made himself a mini laundry room with a space heater, a box fan, a water pump, and soap and detergent, and he ran it all day every week for three years straight.

  1. Special Mug Effect from Two Different Colored Nail Polishes
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  3. Kitkat Bar Two Candy Canes and Mini Hershey Bars to Make a Cool Candy Sleighs
  4. Create a Sweet Little Winter Scene in a Vintage Lantern
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  6. Little Burlap Treat Bags to Fill with Candy Cookies or Any Other Goodies You Can Think Of
  7. Snow Man Hot Chocolate in a Jar
  8. The Display of Origami Forest Is Super Cute and These Trees Made Out of Dollar Bills Are a Fun Way to Give Money Gift
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  10. Basket and Wreath Create Out of Garden Hose and Filled with Essentials Zip Ties
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  12. Mix Spices and Fill Ornaments with Mixture Using a Funnel
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  14. It's a Very Sweet Gift to Put Your Handwritten Notes in a Jar
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  16. Stretch a Rubber Band Around a Vase Then Stick in Candy Canes Until You Can't See the Vase Fill with Red and White Roses or Carnations
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  18. Decorate an Inexpensive Pre Made Tree with Money to as a Gift for Those Who Always Dreams of Winning the Lottery He She Could Scratch Off a Ticket Each Day of December Leading Up To
  19. Prepare a Glass Cup Then Fill It with the Ginger Lemon Fruit Gums and Marshmallows You Will Get a Cool Gift
  20. The Township Candles Will Add a Bit of Magical and Cozy Atmosphere to Your Christmas Home
  21. Grab a Box Frame Then Fill Inside of It with Your Emergency Supplies of Sweets Chocolates Alcohol and Use the Sticky Letters to Write Your Wording and Use Plastic Sheeting to H
  22. Simple Supplies Like Paper Boxes Tissue Paper Washi Tape and Small Gifts Can Be Used to Make a Lovely Punch Box
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  24. Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments You Can Choose from Different Hot Cocoa Varieties and Dress Up a Variety of Little Candies
  25. Build Portable Lego Tray with a Plywood Board Four Wood Strips a Standard Lego Baseplate and Other Simple Tools
  26. Stick Ferrero Rochers and Leaves on Wine Bottle or Other Plastic Bottle to Create a Candy Pineapple You Can Use Double Sided Tape or Hot Glue Gun to Stick
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  28. These Christmas Tree Tea Bags Are Both Perfect Either as Small Gift or Party Favour
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  30. Homemade Bath Bombs Adorned with Green Red and White Pearl Sprinkles Are Especially Suitable as Christmas Gifts
  31. Cookies Stacked in a Spaghetti Canister
  32. Make These Easy Candy Filled Ornaments
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  34. Best of All Healthier Candy Topiaries with Tea Bags
  35. Fill a Sturdy Box with Lightweight Balloons Filled with Candy Cash Etc
  36. DIY Reindeer Cocoa Cones for Little Ones
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  38. Simply a Roll of Christmas Wrapping Paper a Pack of Tape and a Tag
  39. Snowflake Stocking Stuffer Gift
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  41. A Fun Way to Gift Utensils Is Wrapped Inside Kitchen Towels and Potholders
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  43. Hershey's Christmas Tree

Another great idea is to shop around for the best prices on the gifts you really want to give. As a holiday gift, you should be able to get a discount that will allow you to buy the same size box of chocolates or gourmet coffee with the same amount of money you spent on the fancy new flat screen TV that everyone wants. This allows you to not only avoid the cost of the present but also gives you a few extra items to give away to your friends and family members that might not have the same value as what you purchased.

For those that love tech gadgets, there are hundreds of them that will be just the thing for the new “whatever.” You can even go all out with a hands-on electronic project. If you want to get some specific types of electronics for your new addition, consider getting their hobbies and interest, as well as their favorite brands.

Does your husband or wife miss long distance calls? If so, check into calling plans that will allow you to send messages or track cell phone locations via computer. These products are widely available online, and it is amazing how much difference a few minutes of chatting can make in the company of a loved one.

Some new laptops may be great for taking vacation photos, but they also make excellent gifts for the avid photo enthusiast in your life. Check into photo organizers that will allow you to share the snaps from your holiday vacation with friends and family, and then turn them into digital photos. For some “wow” factor, get a few of these fun gadgets and take them out on the town, making a few memorable snaps.

Do you have a child who needs an Xbox or PlayStation game system but you can’t quite afford it? If so, consider putting up an internet cafe for them to play their favorites games while they earn their financial independence. Often, parents offer this sort of service to their children, so don’t feel obligated to provide one for them; just be sure to purchase a wireless router for your business that will allow you to manage your business accounts, and that will allow your kids to play online.

These are some awesome ideas for gifts that can be picked up at your local retail store, but wouldn’t you rather give it a unique twist? Consider stocking your house with some cool gadgets, or choose gifts that are handcrafted, and let the creative energy flow!