30 Bathroom Storage Ideas to Turn Your Life Around

Have you thought about adding bathroom storage ideas to make your life easier? Bathroom storage ideas come in a variety of styles and sizes. Here are some ideas to consider:

Go Green: There are easy room dividers, storage baskets, baskets with pockets, shelving for even the messiest place and a selection of colorful dividers in a variety of materials for all kinds of design needs. A matching combination is also available. This could be in metal, glass, plastic or wood.

  1. The Spa Treatment
  2. Space Savers
  3. Basket Cases
  4. Simple and Subtle
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  6. Who's the Fairest
  7. Mirrors in Disguise
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  9. Fun with Shadow Boxes
  10. Floating Wicker Baskets
  11. Bottles and Baskets
  12. Ditch the Medicine Cabinet
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  14. A Plus Shelves
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  16. Revolving Rack
  17. Tangle Free
  18. Double Towel Rods
  19. Lightweight and Durable
  20. Floating Display Cases
  21. A Shadow Box for Toilet Paper
  22. Display Your Style Savvy
  23. Wood Metal and Glass
  24. Slide Out Simplicity
  25. Simple Cheap and Effective
  26. More Than Meets the Eye
  27. Simple Shelving
  28. Rough and Rustic
  29. Maximizing Closet Space
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  31. Creative Crate Shelving
  32. Built in Storage
  33. Nooks and Crannies
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  35. Floating Shelving
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  37. Hanging Baskets

Get Functional: For a very odd kind of organization, hang little maps on the walls. It’s simple enough for a small child to find the map and put it back on the wall after use. Do-it-yourself maps are also available. You can use these as a desk decoration for an office.

Who Needs Storage Options? Why not try out these storage options in your home? There are many reasons to consider adding bathroom storage. Bathroom storage can make your life so much easier and more organized!

Easy Look: The extra space is nice, but isn’t everything easier when you’re in the shower? How about this clip on towel holders? They are available in many different materials and shapes. These are easily removable and lock, meaning that you have the most secure hanging option around.

Extra Storage: This is the fun part. You can add mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors to suit your needs.

Great Ideas: What’s next with creative inspiration and creative utilization of space? Wall art, pottery, beautiful linen sets, decorative touches and drawer organizers are just a few ways to maximize and personalize your bathroom. But before adding the pieces of bath or vanity storage ideas to your bathroom, it’s important to get the feel of your bathroom. Consider color schemes, decor and walls before adding any of the additional storage elements to your bathroom.