27 Chic Living Room Decor Ideas with Endless Mix and Match

Choosing your chic living room decor is fun. You can use your own ideas and additions to the decor, or mix and match. The choices are endless. Here are a few of my favorite chic living room decor ideas for you to choose from.

Try using colorful cushions. Your living room is a place where you spend a lot of time and it needs to look good. The biggest mistake most people make when decorating their living room is that they make it too fancy. They overdo it and end up ruining their living room. Use color when decorating and make it colorful and more comfortable.

  1. An Elegant Driftwood Lockbox Room
  2. Elegance Ahoy
  3. Image via: casaydiseno.com

  4. Light Up the World
  5. A Fluffy Angel's Rusty Paradise
  6. Image via: mainfeile.com

  7. Forestry Elegance
  8. Historian of the Sea
  9. A Marble Rustic Chic Experience
  10. House of Light
  11. Image via: finspi.com

  12. Iron Bar Driftwood Set
  13. Rustic Wagon Meets Elegance
  14. A Pirate's Loot Meets Rustic Chic
  15. Bright Chic Living Room Design
  16. Image via: www.pictaram.com

  17. Dark Cherry Rustic Home Stead
  18. Image via: www.estout.com

  19. Fluffy Elegant Chandelier
  20. Sea Meets Valley
  21. Fluffy Soft Glow Driftwood
  22. Image via: www.welke.nl

  23. Gorgeous Yet Cozy Rustic Chic Living Room Decor
  24. The Hunter's Living Room
  25. Hardwood Italian Chic
  26. Image via: casaydiseno.com

  27. Soft Rustic Driftwood Living Room
  28. Driftwood Memories by the Seaside
  29. Stylish Clocktower
  30. Image via: www.homedit.com

  31. Elegant Oldime Farmhouse
  32. Forestry Decor with a Gentle Chic Touch
  33. Soft Glow Driftwood
  34. Soft Shutter Driftwood
  35. Image via: indulgy.com

  36. Sueded Soft Wood
  37. Image via: creania.com

Many people do not really want to spend all day reading books. They have no desire to sit down in front of the television all day long either. Instead, these people want to get work done and relax after a busy day. Think about how long you have spent reading in the past few weeks. Decorate your room around that.

A simple, but elegant look for your living room decor is using white painted furniture. This can be a basic decor, or can be an accent piece. For a simple look, choose pieces that are off the wall. The tables and chairs may be painted, or you can get one that is simple painted white or silver-colored one.

Try adding yellow coasters. These can be placed on the coffee table or can be covered in some color. They are easy to remove, if you need to change the color of your walls.

A red rug can be a great decor. You can choose a wide color, like red with lots of black. Or you can go with a subtle style, with more red in the reds and oranges, and fewer blacks. Either way, the red will look great against the white in your living room.

You may also choose to go with the arrangement of your furniture. Do you need a couch and end tables? Do you need a sofa and chair set?

The ideas are unlimited, but you can always mix and match the ideas. Just remember to not overdo the colors. It is important to decorate your room in a way that makes it comfortable and one that makes it look nice and clean.