30 Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas That Bright and Colorful

Rustic bathroom decor does not mean that it has to be dark and drab. In fact, one of the most popular designs of rustic decor is actually bright and colorful!

Most people think that designers need to be creative in order to design their bathroom. But in reality, you can easily create a beautiful design just by using some basic ideas on decorating.

  1. Rough Stone Accent Wall with Solid Beam Vanity
  2. Image via: decoholic.org

  3. Giant Half Barrel Soaking Tub
  4. Image via: wbudowie.pl

  5. Pallet Wood Mirror Frame with Storage
  6. Image via: www.onyapan.com

  7. Distressed Vanity Cabinet and Wood Framed Mirror
  8. Stone Double Sink and Barn Wood Paneling
  9. Antique Basket Converted to Hanging Storage
  10. Rolling Barn Door with Black Iron Hardware
  11. Double Sink Converted from Galvanized Washtubs
  12. Image via: www.upsocl.com

  13. Dark Paneled Vanity Backsplash with Vintage Style Double Mirrors
  14. Three Tiered Metal Storage and Display Rack
  15. Slate Mosaic Accent Wall
  16. Mason Jar Light Fixtures
  17. Image via: www.hatch.co

  18. Hunter's Bathroom Featuring Shiplap and Hunting Trophy
  19. Mixed Stone Cabin Bathroom with Walk in Shower
  20. Image via: www.remontbp.com

  21. Masculine Bath with Dark Stone and Walk in Shower
  22. Image via: www.remontbp.com

  23. Pipe Fitting Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf
  24. Open Barn Wood Shelving
  25. Upscale Boathouse Bath with Shiplap Paneling
  26. Rough Beam Cornice Box for Shower Curtains
  27. Rustic Bathroom Decor with Concrete Sinks and Barn Door
  28. Stone Lodge Bathroom Featuring a Camo Edged Mirror
  29. Heavy Plank Shelves with Industrial Hardware
  30. Image via: www.etsy.com

  31. Converted Whiskey Barrel Sink
  32. Reclaimed Cornice Shelving
  33. Image via: opendeco.com

  34. Rustic Bathroom Decorations with Honey Toned Wood and Dark Stone
  35. Image via: wbudowie.pl

  36. Cottage Bath with Painted Shiplap and Vintage Hardware
  37. Vintage Wooden Framed Storage Shelves
  38. Image via: marketium.ru

  39. Luxurious Rustic Bathroom Decoration Ideas
  40. Image via: waltonae.com

  41. Reclaimed Hardware Towel Hook
  42. Image via: www.etsy.com

  43. Hanging Shelves with Wrought Iron Hardware

If you want your bathroom to be just as inviting as you imagine, try incorporating the rustic theme. As you know, rustic design uses simple, natural materials such as stone, wood, and fabric. You may also want to consider combining the rustic design with a modern design so that it will be more attractive to you.

Designers have been using these kinds of designs for years. The idea behind this type of design is to give your bathroom a much warmer and inviting feeling. But if you are not that good at design, you may consider going with a simple design. This will help you achieve a design that looks great as well as easy to maintain.

If you decide to use design for your bathroom, then do not forget about colors. While the colors on the floor may look great when placed on the walls, they will look better if placed over your sink and bathtub. With a brighter, more vibrant color, you will be able to get more light and will not turn the place into a pitch black room.

If you are having trouble deciding on the colors for your bathroom, it is recommended that you make a list of the colors that you like. You can also use this list to narrow down your choices when you visit a store that sells natural bathroom products. A few colors may sound like an overwhelming number, but keep in mind that choosing three colors and then mixing them can help you create a different rustic look for your bathroom.

There are many designs that you can choose from. One idea would be to purchase a wooden bench. Aside from the wood, you may also consider getting a piece of furniture that is made of natural wood or other types of materials. With these designs, you may be able to create an inviting yet relaxing atmosphere.

Designing your bathroom can be fun and exciting. Just remember that when you choose a design that suits your preferences, you can be assured that your bathroom will look great and will give you hours of enjoyment.