27 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas Based on the Old Strong Look of the Environment

Rustic wall decor is a style of interior decor where the design is based on the old, strong look of the environment and the use of natural colors. The earthy colors used are very noticeable, but the classic rustic design can make the room look much bigger than it actually is. You can create rustic wall decor by following some simple ideas, or you can just buy ready-made furniture to use as your inspiration.

If you want to make the design in your room even more authentic, you may want to include pine into your rustic wall decor. This natural wood is very strong and it can withstand anything. Add in chairs, floor cushions, rugs, and throw pillows for some added beauty and style.

  1. Antique Drawer Pull Picture Frame Hangers
  2. Over Sized Windmill and Barn Wood Wall Clock
  3. Stenciled Metallic Feathers on Weathered Wood Blocks
  4. Image via: diyjoy.com

  5. Old World Style Rustic Shelf Display
  6. Family Photo Collage from Recycled Window Frames
  7. Tree Branch Wall Art and Coat Rack
  8. Rustic Wall Decor Idea Featuring Reclaimed Window Frames
  9. Retrofitted Wall Mirrors with Natural Wreath Accent
  10. Image via: www.etsy.com

  11. Rustic Triple Shelf Display with Wrought Iron Brackets
  12. Love Wall Art with Reclaimed Wood and Fabric
  13. Chalk Painted Shutter with Dried Flower Wreath
  14. Wall Collage with Reclaimed Metal Farm Fixtures
  15. Orchard Ladder Display Shelf
  16. Vibrant Black and Red Window Shutter Display
  17. Image via: www.woohome.com

  18. Abstract Wall Art and Shelf from Rustic Barn Wood
  19. Glowing Mason Jar Wall Sconces
  20. Image via: www.etsy.com

  21. Distressed Wooden Heart Wall Hanging
  22. Monochromatic Skeleton Key Photo Hooks
  23. Multi Media Rustic Wall Decorations
  24. Chic and Simple Reclaimed Wood Wall Chevrons
  25. Rustic Wall Decoration with Mason Jar Vase
  26. Whitewashed Wood and Antique Brass Wall Sconce
  27. Multi Toned Wooden Chevron Wall Hanging
  28. Elegant and Understated Raw Wood Shelf
  29. Hand Painted Whitewashed Life Is Beautiful Sign
  30. Country Diner Barn Wood Kitchen Sign
  31. Chalk Painted Mirrored Wall Tiles

A place that is truly distinctive when it comes to interior design is that of the fire place. Instead of using gas or electric, try using an actual wood stove instead. Wood offers the warmth that you need to keep you and your family safe from the cold winter months.

You may choose to incorporate candles into your decor. Place your candles in a glass case, so that you can take them out whenever you want to light a fire. Candles are beautiful to look at, but they also make a great accent in the bedroom. You can use them around a romantic candle holder, so that your room will become romantic as well.

A place to display art is an excellent way to make a room complete, as long as it fits in with the overall theme of your home interior. Consider painting some of your walls with the same kind of artwork as you display in your home interior. You can use your paint colors as the inspiration for your rustic wall decor.

It is a lot easier to add color to the walls if you use the paint colors on your walls. However, if you find the paint colors you want do not fit in with the overall color scheme of your home interior, you can use accessories as an alternative. There are plenty of great accessories that will work well with your interior design, so you can be creative, but you should not take shortcuts and use the accessories just because they look good.

Lighting is an essential element in any room. You can accentuate the rustic design of your room by putting in sconces, candles, and hanging lamps. If you have the money, you can even use chandeliers and statues as your lighting options. Your decor should not be too loud, though, to make it seem that you’re inside of an old cabin.

Use your imagination and you will create a new rustic wall decor for your room that will remind you of the old way of living, as well as the years that have passed since you’ve lived in the home. All it takes is some planning, a little research, and the help of family and friends, and you will have a fun time decorating your room.