41 DIY Backyard Project Ideas with Some Generic Tools and Gadgets

If you are interested in DIY backyard project ideas, you’ve likely come across some generic tools and gadgets that are common with most blueprints. But these basic tools don’t need to be your sole focus. There are plenty of different things you can do with them that you may not have thought of.

There are a few different ways you can use your DIY tools outside the confines of a large building. Take for example a ladder. Many of the larger blueprints don’t have this as a large part of the final design but a small ladder can still give you a lot of versatility when you’re done with it.

  1. Sardinian Stone Wooden Slab Bench
  2. Flowering Hen House Chicken Wire Display
  3. Image via: akadesign.ca

  4. Pot Side Up Restructured Patio Table
  5. Repurposed Living Room Patio Sofa
  6. Uptown Downtown DIY Patio Upholstery
  7. Simple Nostalgic DIY Rope Swing
  8. Grilled to Perfection Stackable Stone Counter Wedge
  9. Personal Cabana on Wheels Wooden Bar
  10. DIY Pacific Patio Pool
  11. Freestanding Tiki Torch Planter Pots
  12. Yard Yacht DIY Wire Railing
  13. Stripped Down Steamer Style Outdoor Trunk
  14. Image via: build-basic.com

  15. Big Sur Style Fire Pit
  16. Cottage Garden Planter's Stand
  17. Stringing Night Lights Outdoor Poles
  18. Sweet and Shabby Handwoven Burlap Lampshades
  19. Chevron Patterned Wooden Piecework Box
  20. Chic Grecian Urn Style Plant Stands
  21. DIY Crafter's Hammock Stand
  22. Corner Jardin Pea Gravel Patio
  23. Petite Treeless Tree House
  24. Tuscan Shelter Slide Wire Canopy
  25. Image via: www.sailrite.com

  26. Planted Posy Outdoor Umbrella Stand
  27. Bourgeois on a Budget Solar Light Chandelier
  28. Image via: divaofdiy.com

  29. Picturesque Outdoor Planter Lamp Posts
  30. Joshua Tree Fire Pit Corner
  31. Image via: www.houzz.com

  32. Planted Poetry Garden Wall Lettering
  33. DIY Stone Serenity Pond
  34. Country Cosmos Handmade Grapevine Balls
  35. Freestanding Circular Stone Island
  36. Gardener's Helper Planter Box Hose Holder
  37. Image via: diycandy.com

  38. Cedar Cement Garden Bench
  39. Image via: www.ehow.com

  40. Midsummer Night Fairy Garden
  41. Sailor's Knot Rope Seats
  42. Road to Rome Stone Walkway
  43. Rustic Druidic DIY Fire Pit
  44. Lawn Party Luxury Table with Inlaid Icebox
  45. Caribbean Blue Crochet Hammock
  46. Image via: www.ehow.com

  47. Floating Island Outdoor Deck
  48. Summer Splendor Awning Style Canopy
  49. Backyard Getaway Pergola Project

Maybe you just want to start a new outdoor activity with your kids. You don’t want to spend all of your hard-earned money on tools and materials just to get started. A small tree can provide you with all of the fuel and materials you need for this project. You can even help the little ones to break out of the routine of playing indoors and really engage them in a different way.

For those who are just getting back into woodworking, large pieces of furniture can give you a great starting point. Even a chair or two, a table, or even a chest of drawers or cabinet can get you off to a good start. Many times you can find pieces at discount or yard sales and even set them up yourself if you have the right tools.

If you have a little space, maybe even a miniature nook, you can turn that into a place to hang your hats or other hats that you might want to store there. You can also install a bench or even a workbench. And, if you’re lucky, you might have some left over from another project and you can make some even more creative than the original.

Now, for those that don’t have any room in their rooms for much more than a sink and a table for food preparation, you can still use a kitchen table. With this basic piece of furniture, you can not only put away food but can also start a small side business. When the winter weather starts to hit, it will help keep you warm and you’ll be able to enjoy meals with your family, or with friends, from a home-cooked meal.

One other thing you might want to consider is an outdoor grill. No matter how busy you get and no matter how many visits you make to the store, having a grill that’s a little too heavy for a deck isn’t a very practical thing to add to your home. This is a great alternative to purchasing an indoor grill or spending money on another piece of furniture.

Many times, you can find woodworking books for free online. These are the books that can help you achieve many different things. Not only will they show you the basic methods of using the woodworking tools and many other elements, but they will also show you how to take those items you have built and customize them to fit specific purposes.