35 Farmhouse Style Kitchen Decor Ideas That Still Consistent with Your Design Plan

Are you looking for farmhouse style kitchen decor ideas? Here are some suggestions that can be adapted to fit in with your current kitchen and will still be consistent with your design plan. What you should avoid is using original, vintage or antique kitchen designs as they may clash with your contemporary, modern and energy efficient design. Instead, use contemporary, sleek and functional kitchen decor ideas to change the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Ideas range from having a more contemporary lighting scheme with modern looking fixtures and sockets to a more rustic atmosphere where you can make use of handmade wood pieces to provide you with a country feel. If you would like to go for a more rustic look, here are some farmhouse style kitchen decor ideas that you can use. You can use a bed of old tree branches and use it as your sink or even use old fashioned rags and blankets as your kitchen flooring. If you have a wall cupboard, you can fill it with old furniture such as a set of rocking chairs or just any old wooden bench. And when you want to use antiques, there are plenty to choose from.

  1. Salvaged Antique Rake Wineglass Holder
  2. Hanging Chalkboard Pantry Door With
  3. Plantation's Bounty Display Shelves
  4. Rustic Paper Towel Roll Coop
  5. Image via: www.ebay.com

  6. Chicken Wire Lattice Cupboard Door Fronts
  7. Bouquets of Grain and Woven Accents
  8. Image via: es.pinterest.com

  9. Natural Wood and Ivory Collection in Antique Barn Basket
  10. Country White Cabinetry Amp Kitchen Tiles
  11. Vintage Hanging Pharmacy Clock in Weathered Copper
  12. Triad of Narrow Whitewashed Mirrors Accented with Eucalyptus Wreath
  13. Image via: www.etsy.com

  14. Double Hanging Barn Door Food Pantry
  15. Vintage Desk as Farmhouse Kitchen Island
  16. Old Country Store Hand Lettered Labeling
  17. Clamp Lid Canning Jars for Dry Goods Organization
  18. Eat in Kitchen Dinette with Distressed X Back Chairs
  19. Barnyard Picket Window Shutters with Antiqued Hardware
  20. Collection of Turned Wood Vessels and Tools
  21. Counter Organizer with Metal Basket Storage Drawers
  22. Weathered Gray Tiered Fruit and Flower Stand
  23. Galvanized Metal Cutlery and Linens Caddy
  24. Country Blue and White Linen Cabinet Curtains
  25. Farmhouse Kitchen Baker's Hutch
  26. Dark Wood Work Bench Kitchen Island
  27. Perforated Milk Pail Pendant Lamp
  28. Farmhouse Gray Country White and Warm Wood Accents
  29. Farmhouse Color Scheme Soft Silver White Amp Wood
  30. Porcelain Farmhouse Sink in Vintage Cabinet
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  32. Ceramic Mason Jar Storage Set
  33. Image via: www.zallzo.com

  34. Oink Moo Cockadoodledoo Welcome Sign
  35. Image via: www.etsy.com

  36. Antique Produce Shelf with Wire Baskets
  37. Shabby Chic Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
  38. Dutch Door Leading to Kitchen Garden
  39. Suspended Mini Mason Jar Bud Vase Trio
  40. Image via: www.etsy.com

  41. Recycled Coffee Can Kitchen Herb Garden
  42. Image via: www.hgtv.com

  43. Farmer's Market Crate Produce Storage Drawers
  44. Image via: freshideen.com

One of the farmhouse style kitchen decor ideas that you can use is to bring the farmhouse look to your kitchen and use that as the basis for your kitchen design. If you want to make that possible, you can use a plastic tub as your sink, or you can use the same old wooden bench as your kitchen flooring. This is not only practical but will add a rustic feel to your kitchen.

When you want to use vintage furniture, your options are endless. The most important thing is to remember that antiques will need to be taken care of and kept clean. There are various techniques for that. If you do not want to use antiques and want to keep your kitchen looking modern, you can get around this by using vintage tables, glass top appliances, pot racks, and drawers.

Don’t use a lot of painted surfaces in your kitchen. They will add stains and will detract from the overall look. Instead, use textured, polished or matte painted surfaces for cabinets, backsplashes, cabinetry, or backsplash covers. You can use suede or velvet on countertops to give a rustic look.

Another tip is to think about the color schemes that you will be using for your kitchen. If you want to keep it contemporary, use neutral colors such as pale cream, white, ivory, light gray and cream. If you want to keep it casual, consider rich, dark colors such as black, chocolate, burgundy, burgundy wine, dark cherry, deep forest green, dark purple, dark red, deep blue, deep purple, espresso, espresso chocolate, fuchsia, dark fuchsia, gold, light yellow, light brown, and light green. You can use these colors in the kitchen’s design as well.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of finishes for your kitchen’s walls and doors. Some of the best ideas for farmhouse style kitchen decor ideas are covered by laminate flooring and wood. The best part is that laminate flooring is very easy to install and maintain, so you can even put up your first laminate kitchen flooring project in your newly-created kitchen as early as today.

Here are some tips to help you get started with your own farmhouse style kitchen decor ideas. However, remember that there is no one right way to design a kitchen, so just follow your heart and ideas and work with your budget.