32 Home Gallery in the Wall Ideas to Add a Unique Feature

One of the most popular ways to bring life to a room is to add a unique feature or “home gallery in the wall”. You may already have a collection of photos on your computer, or maybe you’ve added a few to your scrapbook and wish to keep them organized. Whatever your reason, it’s always a lot of fun to see all of these images together. The first step is to find ideas for a home gallery in the wall, and there are many different ways you can do this.

Imagine a room where all of the furniture feels as though it has been created for you by a designer. The materials are carefully chosen to give you the perfect room for your needs. An interesting feature in the room is the color and the prints that make up the decor. In some rooms you might even add a fireplace in a place where it doesn’t appear to be needed, but a fireplace adds warmth and elegance to the room, making it more inviting.

  1. Integrate Different Elements in Your Hallway Gallery
  2. Matching Cream Frames Create an Elegant Effect
  3. Arrange Various Frames in a Square
  4. Image via: cudne.pl

  5. Curate Playful Prints for a Kids Gallery
  6. Image via: honestlywtf.com

  7. Vintage Pieces Create an Inviting Entryway
  8. Fill the Space with Striking Pieces
  9. Image via: archzine.net

  10. Vertical Gallery Wall Decoration for Tight Spaces
  11. Show Off Your Beach Treasures
  12. Use a Soothing Pastel Palette
  13. Simple DIY Picture Ledge Gallery
  14. Utilize the Wall Beneath the Stairs
  15. Image via: www.boredart.com

  16. Family Portraits Centered Around Your Monogram
  17. Marquee Letters Light Up the Room
  18. Create a Gallery Wall in the Kitchen
  19. Image via: archzine.net

  20. Jumbo Scrabble Tiles Create Visual Interest
  21. Dark Walls Make a Big Impact
  22. Cream Display with Antique Statement Pieces
  23. Combine Vinyl Decals and Family Photos
  24. Utilize a Corner for a Bold Statement
  25. Add a Chair for a Cozy Retreat
  26. Oversized Wall Clock from Candid Photos
  27. Powerful Message from Mixing Words and Images
  28. Square Gallery for Museum Quality Display
  29. Black and White Makes a Regal Statement
  30. Create Your Own Family Tree Gallery
  31. Mixed Media for a Trendy Gallery
  32. Seaside Shadowboxes Make a Gorgeous Arrangement
  33. Suspend Multiple Frames at Different Heights
  34. Special Moments Gallery Makes Time Stand Still
  35. Funky Frames Make a Gallery Wall Pop
  36. Create a Cheerful Display with Bright Colors
  37. Gorgeous Neutral Hallway with Rustic Elements
  38. Image via: es.pinterest.com

If you want to create a special atmosphere without actually changing the decor, consider a wall mural. A mural will add life to a room that otherwise might seem barren. Many murals are done in some type of artwork; this could be a painting, a picture, or a photograph. To get the effect, place your hand over the image, and feel the picture or print on your skin. The feeling is truly indescribable.

Use murals to brighten up a small room or add a feeling of spaciousness to a very large room. Your goal is to put something on the wall that creates a feeling of being right in front of the action. If you decide that a mural is too big for your room, you can look into using sculptures, photographs, or artwork that is large enough to stand alone without being part of a larger group.

If you are tired of all of the same colors in your room, consider using a new way to decorate. Think about adding some new wallpaper with a print from an old album or a picture of a favorite pet. Adding a wallpaper print in a wall can also create a sense of texture, as well as create an illusion of being part of a larger wall.

If you’re looking for ideas for a home gallery in the wall that is appropriate for your home, you can start by taking a close look at the interior design in your current room. Can you create a feeling of welcome and comfort with neutral colors? What about a sense of whimsy with bold patterns? If your current living room is worn down, give it a fresh coat of paint and try using bolder colors.

What about new furnishings? A television, personal piece of art, or something else is great to use as inspiration for a new look for the room. Think about how your new look can change the mood, making it more entertaining or fun, or making it brighter and friendlier. With just a little work, you can put a new spin on your room without necessarily having to change the decor entirely.

You don’t have to choose from among the many available designs to create the decor for your home. After you’ve done a little research, you’ll likely have a lot of ideas for decorating ideas. By collecting as many of them as possible, you can find a way to make your room perfect for you.