33 Storage Design Ideas for Small Spaces to Look Like in the Future

Storage ideas for small spaces are really not that hard to come up with, as long as you have a general idea of what you want your home or office to look like in the future. But you’ll be surprised at just how many types of cabinets you can get for small spaces and what kinds of style choices you’ll have.

When you’re planning a remodel in the future, take a look at what existing fixtures are in your home and ask yourself if there’s anything you’re missing out on. If you have a living room that can’t be entirely turned into a kitchen, but you would love to turn it into a den, for example, perhaps you could consider using a buffet style of cabinet. Instead of more square or rectangle units, you can use rounded bays and armoires with shelving built into them.

  1. Use Every Inch with Rolling Under Bed Storage
  2. Image via: diyfunideas.com

  3. Turn Your Fridge into Magnetic Spice Storage
  4. Install a Full Length Mirror with Hidden Shelving
  5. Keep Organized with a Stylish Organizer Wall
  6. Make Practical Use of Open Wall Space
  7. Artwork Transforms into Fold Down Table
  8. Image via: www.spicytec.com

  9. Gorgeous and Modern Built in Laundry Storage
  10. Fill a Shoe Organizer with Cleaning Supplies
  11. Angled Shelving Conveniently Holds Laundry Baskets
  12. Commode Shelf Keeps the Necessities Close By
  13. Image via: organarchy.co

  14. Shower Curtain Clips Hold Your Beauty Products
  15. Pantry Door Transformed into a Spice Rack
  16. Image via: centophobe.com

  17. Shelves Multitask as Storage and Room Divider
  18. Image via: www.bhg.com

  19. Install Handy Fixtures in Your Island
  20. Mount Colorful Hat Boxes for Bathroom Storage
  21. Cabinets Beneath the Stairs Maximize Unused Space
  22. Add Storage Between Your Washer and Dryer
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  24. Wire Shelving for Storing Pans
  25. Attractive Shelves Give Floor to Ceiling Storage
  26. Image via: www.rukle.com

  27. Low Mounted Coat Rack for Entryway Shoe Storage
  28. Sliding Drawers Make Sink Storage Simple
  29. Rolling Spice Rack Beside the Fridge
  30. Free Up Sink Storage with Appliance Hooks
  31. Sliding Shelves Mounted Behind Bathroom Mirror
  32. Image via: dizainall.com

  33. Adorable Hanger Hack for Sandal Storage
  34. Image via: www.epbot.com

  35. Maximize the Space Beneath Kitchen Cabinets
  36. Hanging Shelves Double Cabinet Space
  37. Image via: photos.hgtv.com

  38. Build a Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet
  39. Image via: www.homedit.com

  40. Hidden Sliding Shelf in a Small Bathroom
  41. Simple Shower Ring Scarf Storage
  42. Space Saving Jars Mounted Under a Shelf
  43. Shoe Storage Under the Stairs
  44. Install a Bookshelf Beneath the Bed

If you have a contemporary home design, don’t be afraid to use the newest and coolest designs to help with your storage needs. Maybe you’ve got a dresser that needs to be moved out of the way for a new door opening, or perhaps you’ve got a small vanity that could use some extra storage. One way to solve this problem is to look at cabinets that fold away into the wall to become something else. These are great because they save space by converting into cabinets when they’re not being used.

Your little storehouse may need to have a place to store pretty much everything you own, including many personal items. Instead of having a wall of boxes stacked to the ceiling, get creative and design your own shelving units. You can also get high shelves that can go straight out of the way and use up minimal floor space.

The type of furniture you choose should be a reflection of your style. Take advantage of modern styles and contemporary designs in your storage units and cabinets, if you can. You could add lighting to your shelves, throwin a few mirrors, and give the room a bit of personality. Since so many people seem to be moving into the country side design, this seems like a good way to show off the accessories in your home.

When you’re designing storage units for small spaces, don’t forget about where you stand in terms of budget. If you need something for storage, but you’re too lazy to lift anything, why not use little storage units? These are compact and have shelves that can store just about anything, but aren’t really meant for much more than that.

When looking for storage units for small spaces, remember that some are meant to be practical and functional while others are purely decorative. You want to find something that can help you get all your stuff organized, as well as something that you’ll be proud to look at in your home.

There are a lot of different storage ideas for small spaces to choose from, but all of them should have the same basic purpose in mind: to make it easier for you to store things that you use often in a way that doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. Get a general idea of what types of cabinets or doors will work best for you’ll have all the things you need to decorate your home or office with ease.