34 Creative Ideas for Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Design

Looking for creative ideas for rustic farmhouse living room design? Your search is over with many unique and beautiful interior design ideas. Take time to learn from these inspiring interior designs.

What would a rustic farmhouse look like in your home? Your imagination is the limit. Your main focal point should be the fireplace. Without one, you don’t have much of a focal point, so don’t limit yourself to what is available. Build on the theme and go wild.

  1. Quilt Display for Farmhouse Living Room Designs
  2. Polished Country Living Room with Tufted Seating
  3. Rustic Wooden Coffee Table and Platter
  4. Homey Cottage Style Living Room
  5. Image via: akadesign.ca

  6. Wood Framed Family Photo Display Corner
  7. Elegant Provincial Country Fireplace Mantle
  8. Springtime French Country Seating Area
  9. Lilac Flower Centerpiece in a Tin Bucket
  10. Image via: fashionelka.pl

  11. Dining Room Edison Bulb Pendulum Light
  12. Image via: www.idlights.com

  13. Relaxed Livingroom with Folksy Display Hutch
  14. Simple Chalkboard Living Room Wall Art
  15. Primitive Deer Antler Centerpiece Basket
  16. Rustic Painted Wooden Farmhouse Kitchen Sign
  17. Image via: knickoftime.net

  18. Microfiber Couch Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas
  19. Cozy Slipcover Couch with Knit Pillows
  20. Light and Feminine Country Fireplace Display
  21. Sweetly Intimate Primitive Livingroom Furniture
  22. Coastal Design Inspired Farmhouse Sun Room
  23. Wooden Table with Painted Milk Jug Base
  24. Recycled Rustic Barnwood Accent Wall
  25. Autumnal Pumpkin End Table Display
  26. Neutral Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas
  27. Cozy Armchair and a Corner Quilt Display
  28. Shabby Chic Coffee Table with Rustic Accessories
  29. Pale Mint Coffee Table with Internal Storage
  30. Wooden Shelf for Farmhouse Living Room Designs
  31. Wooden Box and Painted Mason Jar Centerpiece
  32. Antique Wooden Ladder Photo Display
  33. Image via: silviacraft.com

  34. Large Antique Steamer Trunk Coffee Table
  35. Shabby Chic Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas
  36. Rugged Barnwood Television Console Cabinet
  37. Barnwood Chevron Accent Wall Decor
  38. Boxwood Wreath and Recycled Window Display
  39. Tufted White Couch and French Linen Pillow

In an old home, a rustic farmhouse could be a vintage home with a modern twist. But if you have more space, a rustic farmhouse look can also be a modern home. Start by finding furniture pieces that are light and airy. There are plenty of gorgeous pieces in the comfort of a rustic farmhouse.

Consider a design with strong, but functional furniture. It should complement the layout of the room, not overpower it. For example, you might choose a chair and chaise lounge to have a reading in your living room. A bed could be another piece of furniture for reading. The point is to be as functional as possible while still looking great.

A table in your living room is a great addition. You could have a tea set, or a coffee table, as a place to put gifts. You could even combine this table with an Ottoman so you have a place to sit while you enjoy a refreshing drink.

Another great thing about a living room is the fact that you can change the color scheme. It is a great way to make sure your entire room stands out, regardless of the room’s size. Many people use their walls as their focal point, but you can break out of this and make your room look really modern. A chandelier or a crystal chandelier can add that modern flair to your rustic farmhouse living room design. Be sure to find the right shade for your room.

You can add lots of dimension to your room with the addition of a table or a chair. Use different materials to get the effect you want. It can be made of wood, iron, glass, stone, or leather.

Remember that the main focal point of your rustic farmhouse living room design should be the fireplace. Without a fireplace, your room is void of any kind of focus. Put as much thought into the rest of your room as you did your fireplace. Now that you know what you are going to use it for, put that idea into action and start to turn your mind’s eye towards your unique and creative interior design ideas.