56 DIY Christmas Centerpiece Ideas on a Budget Much More Effective Than Store Bought Holiday Decorations

DIY Christmas centerpiece ideas are easy to come up with and much more effective than store bought holiday decorations. While many of the professional decorators may try to use their own creativity and expensive supplies, you can get great quality at a lower price by simply going with a ready-made plan. Below is a list of some popular items you can use in your plan for the centerpiece.

Icicles: if you are looking for an elegant accent to your tree, then icicles are ideal. An icicle arrangement can be put together in just a few hours using inexpensive supplies. Icicles can be cut from icicles that have been left outside after Christmas. All you need to do is cut out the icicles and then wrap them with a piece of material like cellophane or tissue paper.

  1. Art Deco Chic Silver Rhinestone Centerpiece
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  3. Gift Bags Galore Easy DIY Christmas Centerpiece Idea
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  5. Classic Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Pyramids
  6. Refined Silver Platter Miniature Christmas Trees
  7. Image via: photos.hgtv.com

  8. Simple DIY Rustic Farmhouse Centerpiece
  9. Crystal Christmas at the Beach Centerpiece
  10. Red Roses Silver Sparkles Christmas Bouquet
  11. Cheery Box with a Bow on Top Decorations
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  13. Crystalline Winter Wonderland Trio
  14. Woodland Elegance Meandering Table Centerpiece
  15. Feathers and Crystals White Christmas Table
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  17. Mason Jar Homemade Holiday Centerpiece Hack
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  19. Citrus Woodland Rustic Table Decor
  20. Aspen Glow French Country Holiday Table Decor
  21. Sweet Crisp Candy Cane Rose Bouquet
  22. Fresh Layered Berry Candle Compote Arrangement
  23. Ornament Holders of Holiday Cheer
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  25. Mason Jar Farmhouse Elegance Table Decor
  26. Elegant Cranberry and Hydrangea Christmas Centerpiece
  27. Bling Crystal Bowls of Glittering Ornaments
  28. Burning Bright DIY Centerpiece
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  30. Easy Elegant Berry DIY Christmas Centerpiece Design
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  32. Romantic Silver Frosted Christmas Centerpieces
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  34. Floating Flames Cranberry Holiday Decorations
  35. Fragrant Boughs and Rustic Crate Table Arrangement
  36. Snow Dusted Winter Wonderland Pedestal Pillar Candle
  37. Candles Aglow with Sparkling Woodland Accents
  38. Farmhouse Christmas Trees and Cranberries Masterpiece

Snowmen: a snowman is not just for children. Some of the best DIY Christmas centerpiece ideas include small stuffed snowmen. These can be found in most department stores or you can make them yourself with small pieces of cardboard. When decorating a snowman you can make it tall or short. You can also buy them pre-made, but the real fun comes in decorating them yourself.

Fresh Pinecones: Fresh pinecones are ideal for this time of year because they will not die off. They are also very affordable and available almost anywhere in stores that sell canned foods. If you want to get creative you can find pinecones in the shape of Santa, children, angels or even a small dog. Just make sure they are fresh when you purchase them and allow them to dry for a few days before placing them in your tree. After they have dried you can sand them down and then they can be used again for a unique centerpiece.

Stocking and Gingerbread Houses: The shelves at Christmas specialty stores are filled with many different types of themed stocking and gingerbread houses. You can find them in any size and color you choose. One of the easiest ways to use these for a centerpiece is to use a tree decoration with white glitter and wooden rods. Use strips of white ribbon to wrap around each rod so they are the focal point of the display.

Special Candy Cane: It does not have to be old fashioned to look nice. There are many different types of sugar coated candy canes that you can find at the dollar store. You can put a glass bowl over them for a dramatic display or simply place them around the tree to add a touch of whimsy to the atmosphere.

Yule Logs: If you want to show off a unique flair for decorating, then a Yule log would be a wonderful way to add a bit of sparkle and glow to your tree. They can be decorative and they also can be very practical as well. You can make them smaller and less noticeable by using the colored lights from the holiday.

If you want to get creative you can create your own decor for your tree or you can visit holiday specialty stores and pick up some of the popular themes. As long as you follow a few of the DIY Christmas centerpiece ideas, you can use your imagination to come up with a very unique display for your tree.